The Charity and Stewardship Appeal (CSA) is the annual appeal for the Diocese of Lincoln. CSA provides for many of the needs of the diocese, especially Catholic Education. It also supports numerous apostolates such as Catholic Social Services, the Newman Center and Retreat House, and Pro-Life and Youth Ministries.

St. Joseph's goal for the 2022 Charity & Stewardship Appeal is $300,000. 80% of these funds come back to us to support our parish and schools. There are multiple ways to donate:

Mobile Giving: Text-to-Give is a quick and easy way to pay your pledge by credit/debit card, or as a direct payment from your bank account, right from your smartphone:
1. Text “Give $100” or whatever amount you wish to give, to 531-233-1022.
2. Follow the link in the reply text message.
3. Enter the rest of your pledge information and credit/debit card or bank account as described in steps 3-5, below.
4. After confirming the amount, you will receive a text receipt via a link and a confirmation email.
5. Save the phone number 531-233-1022 in your contacts so that you can use it again for future gifts.

Giving via Website: You can easily setup one-time or recurring payments from your credit/debit card or as a direct payment from your bank account by following these instructions:

1. From your web browser, type in the address:
2. Type in the amount of your one-time gift or the amount of each recurring payment. Do not enter your total pledge amount.
3. Select your parish from the list, and then choose Charity & Stewardship Appeal 2021 from the list of funds.
     a. To setup multiple payments, check the “Make this gift recurring” box and set the frequency. Enter the number of payments needed to complete your pledge prior to next May and a start date. Click “Next”.
     b. If you wish to make a one-time gift, click “Next. Do not check the “Make this gift recurring” box.
4. Enter your personal information.
     a. Enter your credit/debit card or bank account information, confirm the details of your gift, and then click the “Process” button. Your gift will process immediately whether a one-time gift or the first of a recurring gift.
5. You will receive a confirmation email from, with the subject “Your Giving Receipt”, which will contain the time that your gift was entered and its amount.

Scan the QR code: You can use your phone to scan the QR code on the pledge card tables. Follow the instructions for website giving above.